In line with our philosophy, our products are formulated using only natural ingredients like plant based oils/fats, herbs and essential oils. In fact many of our ingredients are edible and are taken straight from the kitchen like coconut milk, fruits, honey, yogurt, nuts milk etc!

While some of our soaps comprise of a blend of refined and cold pressed oils, some are formulated with 100% cold pressed oils. Our body/hair oils are made using 100% cold pressed oils. Essential oils are used to scent the products and herbs/edible ingredients are used to colour them.

All our soaps are made from scratch i.e. no readymade soap base (melt & pour base/ soap noodles) are used. We add caustic soda (aka sodium hydroxide/lye) for converting fats/oils into soap. Traditionally, lye was derived from ash (wood ash/volcano ash/bone ash etc). However, in these days, as it is difficult to obtain large quantities of ash for deriving lye, it is now being manufactured in factories, with same chemical properties as ash-derived lye. This is known as sodium hydroxide/caustic soda. It is like using lime juice versus citric acid.  Citric acid is not derived from lime juice but manufactured with same chemical properties as lime juice,  Further, as, lye is used as a catalyst in soap making and it does not exist in the final product (soap). It is for this reason that soaps made from scratch, the traditional way are natural & safe.

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