All our products are chemical free i.e. we do not use any artificial foaming agents (SLS/SLES), artificial hardening agents (stearic acid etc), artificial colourants like pigments or micas, or dyes because we believe that these are not only unnecessary, they could have some serious side-effects too. The lather of our soaps is a function of the choice of oils/fats used. The hardness of our soaps is a function of not just the choice of oils/fats used but also the moisturizing quotient (super fatting) of the soap. This means that a soap which has been formulated to be more moisturizing, is also likely to be softer bar. It is for this reason only that our soaps for dry skin are softer compared to soaps for normal or oily skin. Laundry or dish wash soap bars are the hardest!

We also do not add any micas or other pigments for colour in any of our products. The colour of our soaps is dependent on the key ingredients used. We only use herbs (like madder root, marigold flowers, neem, mint etc). Though ingredients like baking soda are not considered natural, but they are edible & safe for external use too.

Our products are also free of preservatives. Preservatives, no matter now minuscule a proportion they make of the product, come with serious side effects. Some of them are known to be hormonal disruptors/ cancerous/ allergens etc. Also, using a preservative free product encourages us to consume products within their natural shelf life. If a product doesn’t last beyond a particular period, then we dont need it. Simple! It is for this reason only that, we do not make liquid soaps or liquid shampoos as they need preservatives for extended shelf life. This is why we came up with shampoo bars or hair care soaps!

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