Earthy Sapo is a personal & home care brand under which we offer natural, chemical free & preservative free products. Each of Earthy Sapo’s product has been uniquely formulated & are free from chemicals, preservatives, ready-made bases, synthetic colourants or fragrances. Our products are handcrafted, the traditional way, from start to finish & we carry the label “Truly Handcrafted” with lot of respect & pride. We offer products in bath, body, hair & home care category.

Earthy Sapo is a registered trademark owned by Kalart Creations. We are based out of Hyderabad, India and are a licenced producer under the Department of AYUSH, Government of India.

Our Journey

I am Sheetal Kabra, a mother, home maker, entrepreneur and a lover of handcrafted creations.

A qualified Management graduate & Company Secretary, I led a corporate career for about 9 years before I quit it in year 2012 on account of high risk pregnancy. I formed my firm Kalart Creations, which focused on making handcrafted creations.

Till the birth of my daughter, arts & crafts was my only passion.  The turning point in my life was the birth of my daughter, Seher. Even though, I have suffered for several years with skin ailments like severe eczema and acne, never did I ever realize or understand the importance of natural personal care products. It was only when, my new born baby did not react well to the use of traditionally available commercial baby soaps, I realized the importance of soap!  I instinctively took to the opportunity of learning handmade natural soap making. With my first batch of handmade natural soaps itself; I witnessed positive change in my and my daughter’s skin. For years, I hadn’t used soap during winters when my eczema would be at its peak, as the soaps would dry my skin out further & aggravate the eczema. I still can’t shake off the feeling of disbelief & amazement when I used my handmade natural soaps in the winter of 2013! The experience eventually led me to understand, appreciate, and acknowledge the significance & superiority of natural personal care products. Somewhere in 2014, I started selling soaps to friends, family & in farmers markets. This is when the brand Earthy Sapo was born.

On the personal front, I decided to eliminate and seek natural alternatives to all commercial chemical based personal care products I had been using – bathing soaps, moisturizers, hair oils, shampoos, deodorants, dusting powders, hair colour, tooth pastes, eye liners, kaajals, lipsticks, cosmetics etc.  My research enlightened me on not just the side effects or hazards of the key chemical ingredients in various personal care products, but also of the preservatives or fragrances used, even though they constituted a very small percentage of the formulation. Many of the preservatives were even associated with diseases like cancer and there were/have been calls for banning these substances. What was disturbing to me was that, all these ingredients (including preservatives) were once/or still are approved by the government authorities/law for use! It is alarming to know that what the authorities considered safe for external consumption few decades ago is now being considered harmful or dangerous! This is when I decided, that I am not going to consume or formulate any personal care products which needs or has preservatives in them. I also decided to not use synthetic fragrances in my formulations as my research revealed that they are an increasing cause for allergies & respiratory issues. As I couldn’t find any convenient & suitable alternatives which were preservative or synthetic fragrance free, I landed either formulating these products or simply eliminating them from my personal care regime. I formulated moisturizers, hair oils, hair wash soaps (mind you no liquid shampoos and liquid soaps need preservatives!!!), dye free hair colour solution, kaajals, deodorants, tooth powder (remember toothpastes have preservatives in them!) etc.   I introduced many of these products for sale & honestly this is how many of Earthy Sapo’s personal care product categories or products came into being.

As a part of my research, I also learned about the chemical menace our day to day home care products expose us to. They can be cause of allergies, respiratory diseases & even hormonal disruptors! While the market is flooded with natural personal care products, chemical free detergents is almost non-existent – perhaps because they are not lucrative or perhaps for most people chemical free home care is not a priority. After several trials & experiments, I formulated my own home care products – for dish washing, laundry & all purpose too!  As I myself had faced some difficulty in making the shift to chemical free home care for want of easy local availability of products, I considered it my social responsibility to offer chemical free home care products for sale under Earthy Sapo banner.

Earthy Sapo is not just a brand, its my journey & story of entrepreneurship ignited by my passion for chemical free living. It has changed the way I lead & live my life. It has helped me to rightly prioritize health & safety both at home & work.

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