Earthy Sapo’s Ethos – Our key differentiating factors

If you have read about us, you would now be familiar with how Earthy Sapo was born. How it evolved from passion and without a business plan! Earthy Sapo is a representation of our founder Sheetal’s beliefs & her way of living and so are her business philosophies.

Sheetal has listed down her business philosophies or ethos which not only work as her business framework, they also serve as the differentiating factor between Earthy Sapo and other natural products or home care brands. We would in the subsequent posts, also elaborate on why she has chosen some of the philosophies.

Handcrafted the traditional way

We believe that real Soaps are not a part of manufacturing, they are a piece handcraft. We have painstakingly formulated each of our soaps- be it bathing soap, hair care soap or even home care soaps. All our soaps are handcrafted the traditional way from start to finish and are not soap noodles or transparent soap based (melt & pour soap base as it is commonly called). Therefore, we make soaps using both cold process & the hot process method. This takes almost 15-30 days for our soaps to be ready for use! They are rustic, they are truly a piece of handcraft!


 All our products are chemical-free i.e. We do not use any artificial foaming agents (SLS/SLES), artificial hardening agents (stearic acid etc.), artificial colourants like pigments or micas, or dyes because we believe that these are not only unnecessary, they could have some serious side-effects too. The lather of our soaps is a function of the choice of oils/fats we use. The hardness of our soaps is a function of not just the choice of oils/fats used but also the moisturizing quotient (superfatting) of the soap. This means that a soap which has been formulated to be more moisturizing is also likely to be a softer bar. It is for this reason only that our soaps for dry skin are softer compare to soaps for normal or oily skin. Laundry or dish wash soap bars are the hardest! The colour of our soaps depends on the key ingredients used. We only use herbs (like madder root, marigold flowers, neem, mint etc) to colour our soaps. Though ingredients like baking soda are not considered natural, they are edible & safe for external use too.


Sheetal always mentioned her discomfort with the usage of preservatives. Apart from the issue with their side-effects, She has come to believe that we need to start consuming things within their natural shelf life. If a product doesn’t last beyond a particular period, then we don’t need it. Simple! It is for this reason only that, we do not make liquid soaps or liquid shampoos as they need preservatives for extended shelf life. This is why we came up with shampoo bars or hair care soaps!

Synthetic fragrances free

Earthy Sapo does not use synthetic fragrances as they can be irritants to many. Thus, We only use essential oils to scent our products as not only are they natural, they are therapeutic too.

No animal fat

As a personal choice, we only use vegetable oils or butter in our products. Hence, it makes no use of animal fat even though they are economically very advantageous.

No claim marketing

Earthy Sapo do not make any claim that our products will cure or heal any skin/hair condition as that would be incorrect, unethical or a lie. Skin problems are a manifestation of several internal & external problems like hormonal issues, heredity factors, diet, stress, digestive issues, allergies, pollution, water, chemicals, etc. To claim that an external product will cure the problem without being able to pinpoint the cause of the problem, would be outright lies. Our products, however, are complementary to traditional or alternative medicines and help in faster healing. This has not just been a personal experience; this has been the experience of our customers too.

Personal care products & not beauty products

Our products are formulated for our safe & healthy personal care. We believe in nurturing natural beauty. Our products are not for achieving any cosmetic changes. Similarly, we do not believe or subscribe to certain beauty notions like fairness & do not make products which promote such notions either.

No animal testing

Our products are not tested on animals. This is the advantage of using traditional methods & natural ingredients – we don’t need to hurt anyone!

Feel free to let us know if you think we have been over critical on any specific issue or should incorporate other issues too.

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