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Reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem based natural hair wash soap for dry hair

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Reetha Shampoo Bar is formulated with the goodness of hair strengthening & softening herbs like reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem. The shampoo bar is suitable for dry & curly hair.

Suitable for dry hair


As all Earthy Sapo’s products are preservative free, it does not make liquid shampoos.

Glycerine is a natural by-product of soap making process. It attracts moisture & is thus a great skin & hair softner. Earthy Sapo’s handmade natural soaps are made the traditional way, that not just retain the glycerine completely, they are also free from any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. This makes Earthy Sapo’s soaps gentle, mild, safe &  a superior choice for skin & hair care.

Nt wt: 100 g

The soap is completely handmade. Its weight/size/appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch

Fragrance: Mild tea tree essential oil


Additional information

Weight 125 g

Reetha, coconut milk, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi, neem, jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree essential oil, vegetable oils (edible)*, sodium hydroxide**
*includes rice bran oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil
** used for converting vegetable oils into soap. Does not exist in the final product

No preservatives, no ready made soap bases, no artificial hardners, no artificial foaming agents, no SLS/SLeS, no synthetic colorants or artificial pigments

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacture. However, as Earthy Sapo does not add any preservatives, we recommend its early usage.

Directions for use

Video – How to use Earthy Sapo’s Shampoo Bar

  1. Mildly oil your hair
  2. Wet your hair and Earthy Sapo’s shampoo bar well
  3. Apply the shampoo bar in 1 direction from roots to ends to avoid friction
  4. Lather and massage well with the help of water
  5. Leave on for few seconds
  6. Massage again
  7. Rinse well with water
  8. If hair feels dry, depending upon what suits you, follow up with
    1. Earthy Sapo’s Hair Conditioner or
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or
    3. both
  9. Have patience 🙂

How to make liquid shampoo from the bar

Video – How to make a liquid shampoo from Earthy Sapo’s Shampoo Bar

Grate the shampoo bar, add 150-200 ml of boiling hot water to the grated shampoo bar. Cover it & leave it for a couple of hours. The shampoo bar would have dissolved. Stir well & bottle up the liquid shampoo. Use within 2-3 weeks. Refrigerate excess.

81 reviews for Reetha Shampoo Bar

Based on 81 reviews
  1. Praveen

    This is an amazing natural product. Reetha shampoo bar has solved my issue of the itchy scalp problem naturally, which I have been suffering for 10 years now. I had been using medical/chemical shampoos for this problem since years. But not anymore, thanks to this wonderful product. Highly recommend this product to everyday who wants to go natural and keep distance from chemicals.

  2. Roshni Sen

    My scalp is naturally oily. I need to shampoo everyday. I dont have thick hair. The thought of having to shampoo every day scared me but I had no choice. This shampoo bar allows me to alter between my regular shampoo (mild but paraben based) and this bar ( 100% natural) knowing that I can now give some rest to my scalp from the paraben based shampoos.

    I had used shikakai shampoo soap bars many many years ago..So I knew how to use shampoo bars. I knew you cannot simply rub a soap bar into your scalp , wash and get done like liquid shampoos. You need to rub a soap bar into your palms, lather and then slowly rub it into your scalp in a single direction (from root to tip). I used the same tip while using this soap bar. After the first wash your hair feels stripped of oil, so you know you need to moderate the use of the bar. You will know with time, how much of the bar you need to rub into your palms before you massage it into your scalp.

    The after effect of this shampoo bar is not the same as that of the chemical based shampoos. So you need to get used to it. You can try mildly oiling your hair before the wash. But it all depends on how your hair reacts to it. I found my combination ( 2 days of chemical shampoo and then 1 day of this one). This shampoo will clean your scalp…but not make it look glossy and shiny…Also using this shampoo bar makes you feel good that you are not adding less to the detegent (and plastic for the shampoo bottles) dump of the world….

    I am placing my second order today…So yes, I am a happy, environment-conscious customer willing to make changes to my and my family’s habits to do my bit for the environment.

  3. Jayna

    When I ordered for this shampoo bat I as totally confused as will this be the right solution for myself and my eight year old daughter. With the kind of daily harsh sunlight and pollution that we face , this soap somewhere felt like a reliever. I am using it for both of us since a month now, it really smoothened my hard and frizzy hair to a great extent. Although it is a bit tough to be used for my daughter but what’s best is I have made it to shampoo for easy use… looking forward to my next order and happy to take a better step towards an environment friendly decision

  4. contactjayna

    When I ordered for this shampoo bat I as totally confused as will this be the right solution for myself and my eight year old daughter. With the kind of daily harsh sunlight and pollution that we face , this soap somewhere felt like a reliever. I am using it for both of us since a month now, it really smoothened my hard and frizzy hair to a great extent. Although it is a bit tough to be used for my daughter but what’s best is I have made it to shampoo for easy use… looking forward to my next order and happy to take a better step towards an environment friendly decision

  5. Rakhee (verified owner)

    No plastic shampoo bottles polluting our space to worry about. No harmful chemicals on my hair and body too. The hair feels clean and conditioned at the same time. Needs few uses to get used to the exact quantity of scrubbing.

  6. Meghna Baruah (verified owner)

  7. Himani Jain (verified owner)

  8. shruthimohan0212

    The Reetha shampoo bar is freaking awesome!! It has got no chemicals in it yet makes my hair so soft n silky. I have an extremely dry hair and it’s so tough to choose a shampoo for me as every product gives me some problem or the other like hair fall, itching n dryness. I’m so glad that I tried this shamppo bar and I’m absolutely happy with it. I’m gonna repeat purchasing it❤❤❤

  9. Sudha (verified owner)

    this is excellent. It lathers well and cleans the hair nicely

  10. Amrapali Das (verified owner)

    This is a good alternative to shampoos, its did not make my hair rough, rather maintained its natural texture apart from adding a bit of volume to it..have used it around 4 times now. moreover its eco friendly and a cheaper option as well! ..

  11. Anushka Rodrigues

    I have wavy curly fine hair that gets oily at the roots and dry at the ends. This reetha shampoo bar initially attracted me because of it’s plastic free packaging, but after using it, I am hooked ! I would recommend using a hair oil before washing your hair out with this shampoo bar. The great part about it is that there are no chemicals AT all. Needs a couple of uses to know how it works best for your hair type.
    It leaves your hair feeling clean and smelling great. I feel literally “earthy” after using it.

  12. varshini k. (verified owner)

  13. ritucj (verified owner)

    I use this bar when my hair is very only like after a workout and it cleanses my scalp and hair so thoroughly. And the best part is it doesn’t dry my happy even if I don’t condition it.

  14. Kavety Manogna (verified owner)

    Reduced hair fall for the second use..but didn’t helped with my roughness of hair

    • admin (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. It takes a while to get used to shampoo bars / natural products. Please exercise patience. Benefits do follow albeit with prolonged usage.

  15. Riema N. (verified owner)

  16. (verified owner)

    was having hair shredding. have used expensive organic shampoo bars . but this shampoo bar has stopped hair loss. my hair is growing too. i was having hard time since one year after global hair color done and cutting my hair short. Finally found the right and best product !

  17. narayanishankar123 (verified owner)

    This shampoo bar is a little difficult to lather but doesn’t strip off all the oil from my hair. Plus the fact that I’m using a completely natural product in my hair made me feel good about using the bar. Plus

  18. RASHMITA BASUTKAR (verified owner)

  19. RUPALI GHANEKAR (verified owner)

  20. sonams201

    Fit youtuber describe about this product. As price was less so I bought from Amazon. M loving it. I gave half of shampoo piece to my neighbor and she is also happy. As there is no plastic and no chemical so it’s friendly with water and soil. I told my family too to not purchase anything from market. Please make 15sec video about your company and product which we can send to our friends to purchase from your website.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from sonams201
  21. SMRUTI DAVE (verified owner)

  22. NILESHKUMAR MADHUDIA (verified owner)

    Soap is good and feels natural. I am satisfied with the hair wash with this soap. However we need to take a lot care as the soap does not dry easily.

  23. Prachi S. (verified owner)

    I have been using shampoo bars for past 3 years, but this one has left my hair happiest! I even use it for my children!!!

  24. sud2799 (verified owner)

    Used it on my head but it suits more on my beard.
    Using Multani mitti shampoo soap for head, suits my hair.
    Completely satisfied with the purchase.

  25. Pushpa Rao (verified owner)

    Its a great hair cleanser, but causes a lot of dryness.

  26. Arpita Ghosh (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Ishita Batra (verified owner)

    Easy to use – lathers well and washes off easily. I need to use it twice if I have oiled my hair.

    Packaging is eco friendly – no plastic! Just cloth and paper. Great.

  29. AMAAN LAKHANI (verified owner)

  30. Kiran Sakpal (verified owner)

  31. Dhoopa Singh (verified owner)

    LOVED the Reetha Shampoo Bar. Use a couple of drops of argan oil post shampoo. This combo will leave your hair glossy and bouncy and so silkyyy. AND you’ll be doing your bit to ensure that no plastic ends up in the bodies of marine animals 🙂

  32. Anusha Botta (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I used the product and I literally saw the difference in terms of reduction in the dandruff and the soap is also eco friendly which I loved it to the core

  33. Shweta Rawat (verified owner)

  34. Divya Sharma (verified owner)

    I really loved the shampoo bar. It is a big relief to use it after trying actual reetha and shikakai to wash my hair. It was time consuming and didn’t leave my scalp very clean. I am really satisfied with the shampoo bar. 😀

  35. Amruta Deshmane (verified owner)

    Basically i was in search of a shampoo with no fragrance at all and if possible all natural. I am a doctor (pediatrician) by profession. I suffer from very bad migraine attacks almost since last 10 years. My attacks are triggered by any strong smell, be it with shampoos, perfumes, soaps, anything you name and my migraine triggers. I have used shikakai and reetha at home, but it is very time consuming. So i had to stick to shampoos. I have literally tried oriflame and loreal professional shampoos and everything else. But nothing worked with my hair as well as for my migraine (in regards to the strong smells of the products). Today i have first time washed my well oiled hair with your reetha shampoo bar and i am really happy with it. There is no strong fragrance. In fact none at all and i am happy with it. Also it removes the oil well from the hair after wash. I really appreciate your product considering it is all natural. I will keep on using it.. Thank you. Do consider making a reetha, shikakai and multani mitti combination shampoo too with od course rest of your natural ingredients. Thank you.

  36. Neeraj Maheshwari (verified owner)

  37. Hricha Singh (verified owner)

  38. amulya141996 (verified owner)

    I got this shampoo bar as I was trying to make a switch from bottled shampoos . There was a learning curve for the first two uses . But ,I kept using this and now I can say that , my hair has gained back its natural texture which is wavy . Unlike ,the sulphates and silicon laden shampoos this does not give you that gloss or make it silky. It does help in managing the hair and scalp without over drying.

  39. rosesafrin (verified owner)

    Wow! what an amazing shampoo bar and that too a natural one. I am happy to discover this shampoo bar. I have used different shampoos at different stages of my life. Then, I found out Pantene was good and continued for some yrs. using it Then, I heard it has been banned in some countries and I am not sure whether it has been really banned. After this, I started using Dove for many years until four days back. Dove makes my dry and frizzy hair manageable and gives some sheen to it yet I need to do pour oil into my hair but when I comb my hair in the evening it still became dry and got tangled. Meanwhile, I wanted to switch over to an organic, chemical free shampoo and googled a lot. I have spent many hours and hours poring over the details in the net. Then, I went to the super market and asked for organic shampoos. They had Biotique, Jovees and Shanaz. I bought Biotique and Jovees and gave it a try. Both were super scented and I hated the smell. My hair too was so rough and I was miserable detangling my tresses using oil and decided to use them for the toilet. Again, I bought Shanaz and tried it which was a little expensive and tried it. It was OK but not that great. The smell was good but my scalp felt dry and a teeny bit itchy. Then, I ordered Earthy Sapo’s soap bar. After six days, the product reached my hands, and I tried it three days back. I just loved it. My scalp was cool. About the smell- when I smelled it, I thought it was too much yet when I tried it on the hair, it was mild, pleasant, and exotic. I have also bought the conditioner and lemon smell was great. When I smelled from the bottle, I HONESTLY didn’t like it. But on my hair, it was REALLY awesome. I smelled my hair throughout the day and was happy and loved it. I continually used the product for 3 days and today is my third day and my scalp is happy (figurative) that I am using it.
    Tips for dry frizzy hair:
    Oil your hair daily. Don’t do over oiling. On the scalp – a little oil would do. And on the hair and at the ends do more oiling. Don’t forget to buy the conditioner and apply less shampoo bar to your hair and more on your scalp (depending on your grease/dirt and oiling). You’ll the right proportion when you start using it.

  40. Agnel Dsouza (verified owner)

    Amazing product has done wonders for my dandruff problems. Even gave one to a friend and she loves it.

  41. Mukta Singh (verified owner)

    Easy on hair. Lathers well.

  42. kurumunya (verified owner)

    I am recommending this to my others

  43. Sumegha Sugandh (verified owner)

    This soap is pretty amazing but all you need to do is have some patience. See we have to understand that the shampoos that we are using today have a lot of silicone and only because of that we get instant smoothness and shine but don’t you think because of those chemicals, our hair quality has gotten bad? I found it a lil hard to use the soap initially.. why? Because I was not used to using soaps on my head.. but gradually, I started using it with patience and could really see the difference in the quality of my hair.. yes in my second wash I use a branded shampoo sometimes but it totally depends on the density of your hair.. Highly recommended guys.. Purchase with your eyes closed!!!

  44. Shobhana Kapoor (verified owner)

  45. atul jathar (verified owner)

    Authentic organic ingredients. It really suits my hair. Even it is affordable compare to other brands.

  46. kinjuborana (verified owner)

    I started using this anti itch oil from March 10th 2020 and also the reetha shampoo bar, truly saying my hairs felt dry after washing for almost 17 washes but after that my hairs have well adjusted to it and yes the quality of my hairs has improved a lot. Thank you earthy sapo for sucha good product. I do find difficulty in storing the shampoo bar in ventilated area. My first bar went goovy and then finally melted but not I will surely take care for my second bar.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from kinjuborana
  47. manikanta.tarak (verified owner)

    Initially i thought to use natural Products rather than chemicals since there is regular hair fall. My Sister suggested to go with Earthysapo products. First time i tried with REETHA SHAMPOO BAR seven months back. Till now ,i am continouning with same product i.e i ordered 4 time. My self i observed smooth hair and less hair fall while bathing. Thank you for such a product .I am happy with this product both healthy and economically i.e. low price when compared to others.

  48. ORCHID APARTMENTS (verified owner)

    Very good natural product.

  49. Anish Charles (verified owner)

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good shampoo bar for anti dandruff scalp.

  51. Prerna G. (verified owner)

    Love this product and the checkout and delivery was all very efficient. Very satisfied.

  52. Fathima (verified owner)

    I will give this product a 3 star.. Product is totally natural… Thought that it would remove dandruff since it’s a 100% organic soap.. Apart from curing dandruff, it is good.. Hair doesn’t feel dry after wash, it lathers well and the best part about this soap is that it’s all natural.. If you want to go for a chemical free Shampoo bar then earthy sapo reetha shampoo bar is a one stop solution..

    • admin (store manager)

      We never claimed that the product would remove or cure dandruff. Infact we make it very clear at the time of purchase itself. You purchased it with a wrong notion that a shampoo bar will cure your dandruff just because it 100% natural. And then you say that just coz it didnt cure your dandruff u would give it 3 star!

    • admin (store manager)

      We never claimed that the shampoo bar would cure your dandruff. in fact I was very clear about it and did mention it to you. If despite that you purchase it, then it was your misconception!

  53. sai seethal

    just had my first wash

    ….simply amazing

    loads of respect to ur work

    thank uuuu…!!!,

  54. Dattatreya Muddana (verified owner)

    Very nice product after using this shampoo bar my hair is silky and smooth

  55. njkareliya2

    too good product.. 5 stars

  56. Abraham Varghese (verified owner)

    excellent shampoo bar

  57. J Christopher (verified owner)

    Very happy to use this product

  58. VigneshA (verified owner)

    Product is amazed Very nice product after using this shampoo bar I getting back my rough hair change to smooth and soft

  59. Suma (verified owner)

    A good cleanser for the scalp.I oiled my scalp and hair before using the shampoo bar.

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

  62. Anindita Bose (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed it

  63. Deepa Anbu (verified owner)

  64. anjalijindal97

    Amazing product

  65. Anushka H. (verified owner)

    Loved it!

  66. ASR Chandra (verified owner)

  67. Brijesh Manan (verified owner)

  68. Swati S. (verified owner)

  69. shruthimohan0212

    Loved it. My first experience with shampoo bar has been really great.

  70. Sathish Murugesan (verified owner)

  71. MEHER GAYATRI DEVI KOPPAKA (verified owner)


  72. Ganeshkumar S (verified owner)

  73. Soumya M (verified owner)

    Very natural…. best products by earthy sapo and love with my hair…. i wish you good luck

  74. Mangilal sharma Manish Manu (verified owner)

    Awesome products

  75. BALACHANDAR D (verified owner)

  76. Abhaya G (verified owner)

  77. Abraham V. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  78. Raja S (verified owner)

  79. Venkatesan G (verified owner)

  80. Aakanksha (verified owner)

    My hair feels soft and much better than before.

  81. Urja Kanther (verified owner)

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