Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar

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Shikakai, multani mitti, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem based natural hair wash soap for normal to oily hair

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Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar is formulated with the goodness of hair loving herbs like shikakai, multani mitti, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi & neem for effective cleansing & hair strengthening. The shampoo bar is suitable for normal to oily hair.

Suitable for normal to oily hair


As all Earthy Sapo’s products are preservative free, it does not make liquid shampoos.

Glycerine is a natural by-product of soap making process. It attracts moisture & is thus a great skin & hair softner. Earthy Sapo’s handmade natural soaps are made the traditional way, that not just retain the glycerine completely, they are also free from any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. This makes Earthy Sapo’s soaps gentle, mild, safe &  a superior choice for skin & hair care.

Nt wt: 100 g

The soap is completely handmade. Its weight/size/appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch

Fragrance: Mild lemongrass essential oil


Additional information

Weight 125 g

Shikakai, multani mitti, aloevera, bhringraj, rosemary, amla, hibiscus flower, methi, brahmi, neem, shea butter, lemongrass essential oil, vegetable oils (edible)*, sodium hydroxide**
*includes rice bran oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil
** used for converting vegetable oils into soap. Does not exist in the final product

No preservatives, no ready made soap bases, no artificial hardners, no artificial foaming agents, no SLS/SLeS, no synthetic colorants or artificial pigments

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacture. However, as Earthy Sapo does not add any preservatives, we recommend its early usage.

Directions for use

Video – How to use Earthy Sapo’s Shampoo Bar

  1. Mildly oil your hair
  2. Wet your hair and Earthy Sapo’s shampoo bar well
  3. Apply the shampoo bar in 1 direction from roots to ends to avoid friction
  4. Lather and massage well with the help of water
  5. Leave on for few seconds
  6. Massage again
  7. Rinse well with water
  8. If hair feels dry, depending upon what suits you, follow up with
    1. Earthy Sapo’s Hair Conditioner or
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or
    3. both
  9. Have patience 🙂

How to make a liquid shampoo from the bar

Video – How to make a liquid shampoo from Earthy Sapo’s Shampoo Bar

Grate the shampoo bar, add 150-200 ml of boiling hot water to the grated shampoo bar. Cover it & leave it for a couple of hours. The shampoo bar would have dissolved. Stir well & bottle up the liquid shampoo. Use within 2-3 weeks. Refrigerate excess.

60 reviews for Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar

Based on 60 reviews
  1. meghanamurali96 (verified owner)

    Just loved the product 😍. I had a problem of acne on my forehead. After a lot of trial and error I found out that the reason is the oily scalp i have due to the use of shampoo. So i decided to switch to a more natural product to wash my hair. I have used this product for about 4-5 times now since i bought it. It makes your hair so smooth, just the way a normal shampoo would. You won’t realise that you are using a natural product. And the major plus point – my acne has come down to almost zero with this. Thank you Earthy Sapo and keep doing this good work :).
    (Also i loved the personal touch that the maker Mrs. Sheetal gives by sending a note saying how to use the product. Way to go ma’am)

    • admin (store manager)

      Thanks so much! So happy that you have benefited from the product! Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than this!

  2. Rakhee (verified owner)

    It’s so easy and convenient to carry and use on our travels. An effective cleanser even on well oiled hair.

  3. Leena V. (verified owner)

  4. Meghna Baruah (verified owner)

  5. Meghana Murali (verified owner)

    It is the best hair product that has worked for me. I’ve had acne on my forehead for a really long time and didn’t know what to do for it as i had tried different things like changing face wash, changing cream, etc. Then i came across this ‘No poo’ method which means not using shampoo for your hair. The alternate mentioned was baking soda and i tried it bt wasn’t happy with the result. The other method mentioned was using a natural shampoo bar soap. And i got this product from Google. After that there has been no looking back. Acne gone and good hair. Just love this product by Earthy Sapo.

  6. (verified owner)

    it’s a must buy for oily hair. no hair loss.

  7. Karuna Jha

    This is a wonderful product with a very light, natural scent. It took my hair about a month to adjust to the soap instead of shampoo. First, my hair felt oily and greasy, but after the adjustment period, my hair got a glow and volume. The hair loss has decreased immensely. Thank you!

  8. Hanifa S. (verified owner)

    one of the best shampoo bar at reasonable price😘

  9. Harshika (verified owner)

    i love how gentle the shampoo is on my scalp and hair. and it cleans the scalp and hair very well, leaves my hair feeling fresh and bouncy. i melt the shampoo bar and use it in a more liquid form – it is very convenient once melted. instructions given are precise. thanks a lot for this product. i also love that i dont have to buy and discard a plastic bottle every time i need shampoo. feels good to be good to my body and also the environment.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Its good when compared to regular shampoos

  11. RASHMITA BASUTKAR (verified owner)

  12. nikisingh0 (verified owner)

    I have been using this shampoo bar for over a year and it has done good to my hair. I had been struggling to find a suitable hair cleaner for my hair for over six months before I chanced upon Earthy Sapo’s shampoo bar. I had tried home made cleansers but I could never get the proportion right and it was time consuming and frustrating. I also tried other shampoo bars but nothing suited like this one. I am so glad to have come across Earth Sapo. The fact that it comes in an environment friendly packaging is an added bonus. Also happy to support small business. I am happy that I have moved away from chemical filled shampoo and replaced that with Earth Sapo’s shampoo bars.

  13. Rohan DSouza (verified owner)

  14. sud2799 (verified owner)

    Used it on my oiled hair, didn’t reduce my hairfall but going to give more time for it being a natural product.
    Was using L’Occitane body and strength shampoo which worked just as fine but couldn’t curb my hairfall.
    Let’s see how it goes.

  15. Arpita Ghosh (verified owner)

  16. AMAAN LAKHANI (verified owner)

  17. Rituparna C. (verified owner)

    Would have been better if it left my hairs less stickier but overall not bad

  18. Pradip Kabra (verified owner)

    Very good, remove hair oil very well

  19. Athena (verified owner)

    Good product..little tough for oil to go..and hair feels a little sticky later..but your hair becomes healthy if you continue using it. Good alternative to shampoos with toxic products

  20. sen.roshni (verified owner)

    Repeat customer. Good for hair…Good for the environment…Also not adding to the plastic bottle dump. Writing reviews after I used up the 2 bars I purchased…so don’t have any pictures to upload. If Earthy Sapo can arrange for pick up of the old soap cartons when they deliver the next batch, I am happy to save them. Just an idea!

  21. Agnel Dsouza (verified owner)

    Amazing product has done wonders for my dandruff problems. Even gave one to a friend and she loves it.

  22. Anusha Palasia

    I have oily scalp and this soap definitely helped me with that…way better than a Shampoo!!

  23. ORCHID APARTMENTS (verified owner)

  24. shwetarawat524

    It’s great

  25. Lubomira (verified owner)

    I love your product. It makes my wavy hair very soft and easy to manage. They used to be dry and frizzy. They recovered with your soap bar. I also love your packaging. Simple and natural. You put effort in describing your products on the leaflets. Keep up the great work.

  26. Deepan Dinesh (verified owner)

    I have ever seen a wonderful product like this…

  27. Ganeshkumar S (verified owner)

  28. mohan S. (verified owner)

  29. mahesh gopalakrishnan (verified owner)

    Great product

  30. BALACHANDAR D (verified owner)

  31. Radhika N. (verified owner)

    This is the first time I am trying an all natural shampoo bar based on fitubers YouTube video. wThis product has a mild smell of multani Miti which is not overpowering. So you won’t end up smelling like an Ayurvedic store. I oil my hair at night and wash it off in the morning with earthy sapo shampoo bar and it removes all oil and dirt from my hair very easily. Although the instructions on the bar mention that you should use only four drops of oil so that it can be removed easily but the reality is that it is better than most chemical based shampoos as it foams well and even removes oil well in first wash itself. It does not dry out hair. Hair appears nice and shiny. Also the founder is a woman and this product is made in India so I am definetly going to buy this again.

  32. Gayatree (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I am using earthy sapo shampoo bar from past 1 year & I am highly satisfied with its results. Here are some reasons why you should buy this product :
    1. It’s a totally chemical free product.
    2. Hairs becomes soft & shiny
    3. It reduces hairfall ( If the reason of your hairfall is chemical products).
    4. Mild fregrance.
    5. Reasonable price, if you compare it with other brands of shampoo bars it is the only product which is affordable & the quality is also best.
    6. Quick replies from founder if you face any difficulty or have any issues.
    7.It comes with detailed instructions on how to use it & a thank you note from founder.

  33. Mareeswari (verified owner)

  34. postbox.ashwin36 (verified owner)

    Really Awesome product love to use it

  35. BALACHANDAR D (verified owner)

  36. M RAMKUMAR (verified owner)

    Nice, getting better results..

  37. Sonia Karnani (verified owner)

    I had liquidified the soap as per instruction given by manufacturer,sheetal which made it easy to use .
    After usage your scalp and hair feel really scrubbed and clean and dry . Best oil your hair before using this product .

  38. Samiyullah A.K (verified owner)

    Great product 👍👍👍👍👍. Good for everyday hair get smooth and itchy free. It increases volume of your hair. Happy on using this shampoo bar.

  39. Poornima Reddy (verified owner)

  40. josnashaji24 (verified owner)

    This has reduced my hairfall by a lot! I love it!
    My scalp gets greasy very easily, but I would still apply oil on to my hair before bathing. I follow the instructions but my scalp and hair are are still a little oily after washing with this shampoo bar, but I guess I guess I’ll take a little more time to adapt to using this shampoo.

  41. Jothimani V (verified owner)


  42. BALACHANDAR D (verified owner)

  43. Deepa Anbu (verified owner)

  44. ASR Chandra (verified owner)

  45. vaishnavinoojippadi (verified owner)

    Good product
    Gives good amount of lather
    Hair becomes little frizzy or sticky after wash ( negligible )

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from vaishnavinoojippadi
  46. vaishnavi n (verified owner)

  47. KURU MUNYA (verified owner)

    Lathers nicely. Just right for my hair

  48. anjalijindal97 (verified owner)

    I have used the soap twice and loved the results.

  49. Himanshu Bhardwaj (verified owner)

    It was excellent shampoo bar…nd pure 💯 natural

  50. Shantanoo (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the quality of the product. It feels natural and definitely stands true to the organic ingredients claimed on the same.

  51. Ganeshkumar S (verified owner)

  52. Madhu Kabra (verified owner)

  53. G A. (verified owner)

  54. Vinoth Rao (verified owner)

  55. SHREYA B. (verified owner)

    A good hair cleaning bar, but on a little costlier side.

  56. Mangilal sharma Manish Manu (verified owner)

    Amazing product hair rooting again

  57. Ajay C S (verified owner)

  58. KURU MUNYA (verified owner)

    the best shampoo bar I have used so far

  59. MADHUMATHI P. (verified owner)

    The product worked as a miracle.I really love this shampoo bar, suitable for oily hair.

  60. Urja Kanther (verified owner)

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