Shampoo Bar FAQs

Our shampoo bars are formulated keeping in mind the needs of different hair & scalp types. For instance oily scalp/hair requires more cleansing than a dry scalp/hair.
  1. Reetha Shampoo Bar – is suitable for dry/damaged/frizzy hair & scalp. It requires mild pre-oiling of hair & scalp before usage.
  2. Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar – is suitable for normal to oily scalp & hair. It requires mild pre-oiling of hair & scalp before usage.
  3. Nuts over Coconuts Body Cum Hair Soap – is suitable for normal to oily scalp & hair. It does not require pre-oiling before use.
  1. Wet the hair & Earthy Sapo’s shampoo bars well
  2. Rub the bar on the wet hair. if you have thick hair/ hair loss problems /or your hair gets entangled in the shampoo bar, consider applying the bar in only one direction (from top to ends), like combing the hair. Use enough water to create lather. This helps in less friction while massaging the hair.
  3. Generously massage the hair, to remove oil from hair & scalp.
  4. If possible, leave for a couple of minutes.
  5. Re-apply the bar again & massage well. Remember to continue using sufficient water to generate lather.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  7. If needed, follow-up with our hair conditioner or apple cider vinegar rinse (ACV rinse) or a combination of both.
Watch the following video for a better understanding of how to use the shampoo bars:
  • Our shampoo bars are formulated to clean hair without stripping the natural oils. So while they are cleansing they are not detergent-like, like the commercial shampoos. So we highly recommend pre-oiling of hair before shampoo BUT ONLY MILDLY.
  • Remember the more oil you apply, the more rigorous the massage of the hair needs to be while using the shampoo bar to remove the oil. If the oil doesnt get washed out fully, you might be left with oily/greasy or even waxy hair.
  • In my experience scale of 1-4 tsp oil is a good start - 1tsp for short hair & 4 tsp for long hair. 2-3 tsp is sufficient for medium hair length.
  • It is necessary to apply a good quality hair oil on the scalp and massage well and mildly coat the strands. You will gradually get a hang of the qty of oil that works best for you.
  • If hair is mildly oiled, shampooing with our bars is a breeze, else it can be a work out 🙂
Hair conditioners help in conditioning the hair, making them manageable & also add shine to our hair. The type & need for a hair conditioner post using our shampoo bars varies from individual to individual. However, in our experience, you are most likely to need a hair conditioner in the following circumstances:
  1. If you are a first time user of shampoo bars &
  2. If you use hard water to wash your hair
  We recommend the following types of hair conditioners based on the hair type:
  1. Dry Hair: Earthy Sapo’s hair conditioner – oil based, non greasy & preservative free hair conditioner. It mildly coats & conditions the hair.
  2. Oily scalp: Use Apple cider vinegar rinse/ lemon juice rinse post shampoo. It conditions & adds shine to hair.
  3. Oily scalp with dry hair strands / very hard water : a combination of the above two.
If you are a first time user of shampoo bars, there are chances that you find that your hair gets entangled into the bar. This in turn could cause hair breakage and ruin your whole experience of using shampoo bars. You can do 2 things in such instances:
  1. apply the wet shampoo bar on wet hair in one direction only from top to bottom (like combing hair) as shown in the video rather than applying it back and forth. This reduces the chances of hair entanglement into the bar. (view the video for better understanding : )
  2. Convert the bar into a liquid. This especially helps if you have long hair, thick/curly hair or for that matter live in extremely humid climates. Liquid helps in easier hair & scalp coverage and smoother transition from commercial to shampoo bars.
Consider making liquid of our shampoo bars in the following instances:
  1. In humid climates as the bars are likely to turn soft & squishy by absorbing excess moisture in the environment
  2. If you have long hair, liquid shampoo is less laborious to use as it spreads & covers the hair faster & easily.
  3. If you already are facing hair loss problem, using a liquid version of our shampoo bars will reduce friction while massaging and associated hair loss.
  4. If you have thick or very curly hair, using a liquid version of our shampoo bars will reduce the chances of your hair getting entangled in the bar.
  • Making liquid soap from Earthy Sapo 's soap bars is easy-peasy! This is because we don't add any artificial hardener and our soaps are loaded with the natural glycerine created during soap making process. It is also due to this reason that our soaps sweat a lot in humid conditions this is why we recommend making liquid soaps during monsoons so that the soaps last longer.
  • Our shampoo bars can also be converted into liquid shampoo in the same way. This, I recommend for those who have long hair or those who have hair fall problems as liquid shampoo reduces the chances of friction or hair entanglement while using a bar. Make your own preservative free liquid shampoo! You can. Always adjust the consistency of the liquid soap to suit your preferences.
  • Instructions
  1. Grate the bar
  2. Add boiling hot water (for 100 g of soap take upto 150 ml of water).
  3. Stir well & cover for couple of hours.
  4. Your liquid soap is ready! Bottle it up & use your liquid shampoo as instructed!
Click on the link below to watch a video on how to make liquid soaps
In our experience, this could be due to 2 reasons:
  1. The oil did not get washed out well. This implies that you need to oil mildly & lather up & massage your hair generously to wash out the oil.
  2. You are using a shampoo bar which is more moisturizing than the needs of your hair. This usually happens if you have oily scalp & are using our Reetha Shampoo Bar. Reetha Shampoo bar is formulated for dry hair & scalp and proves to be overly moisturizing for those with very oily scalp. In such instance, you need to switch to our Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar.
  • The purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair & scalp without stripping the natural oils from them. Dandruff/hair fall/ pre-mature greying of hair, are manifestation of causes that are both internal & external to our body. While lifestyle related issues like sleep, stress, diet, etc are internal causes, the products that we apply externally (commercial shampoos, serums, conditioners, straighteners etc) are external causes. Our Shampoo bars help in dealing external causes quite effectively. However, for a cure, a holistic approach to health needs to be adopted both internally & externally.
  • While we do not make any medical claims, our experience shows that our shampoo bars have helped our customers deal with these issues significantly.
  • (And I hope I have been able to drive a point to you that anything like a hairfall control shampoo/anti-dandruff shampoo etc is nothing but a mere marketing gimmick!)
  • Yes our shampoo bars are kids safe. Please also note that all natural soaps sting the eyes. There is nothing like all natural tears free soap. So all you need to do is be careful while washing your kid’s hair, just like our moms or grandmoms were!
  • I have been using Our Reetha Shampoo Bar on my daughter since the time of my formulating it i.e. when she was about a year old. One tip which I would like to share with all parents of young kids is to make the whole hair wash affair quick & certainly not elaborate. So don’t overdo oiling and even if the oil doesn’t get washed out, its ok. Its not going to do any harm. On the contrary it will do good only.
  • While all our shampoo bars can be used on kids, I would recommend as follows:
  1. For kids upto 18-24 months – Nuts Over Coconuts Body cum Hair Soap. This Bar is a smooth bar & lathers very well. So its application is easier, smoother & quicker.
  2. For kids above 24 months - Reetha Shampoo Bar – The only precaution one needs to take is that as reetha or soap nuts sting eyes extra, let it not get into the eyes. If it does, rinse the eyes well with water.
Yes our shampoo bars work in hard water. However, please do note the following:
  1. You might need to use additional water & shampoo bar to create sufficient lather for a good massage
  2. As hard water tends to leave a build up/residue on hair, you might need to follow up with acv rinse / acv rinse+ our hair conditioner.
  • As we mentioned before, the purpose of our shampoo bars is to clean the hair & scalp without stripping the natural oils from them. After having abused our hair & scalp with chemical laden & detergent-like shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, sprays, etc for years together, it will take time to get used to shampoo bars. Some people take to shampoo bars instantly, but most often, it takes a while (which could vary from few months to several months) to get used to shampoo bars & start noticing positive changes. Please exercise patience and do not expect some drastic changes in the texture of your hair.
  • While in the short term it is possible for you to experience oiliness or dryness, friziness or waxiness, in the long term you should notice improvement in the health of your hair & scalp.
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